In 2020, Covid-19 sent the entire world into chaos and the world of stand-up comedy was no different.

Comedians and venue staff across the country were out of work and had their mental health negatively impacted.

The Frog and Bucket in Manchester is one of many clubs struggling to stay afloat:

With the fate of the industry uncertain, I interviewed two comedians to get their views.

Andy Kind and Alex Boardman are veteran comics who have been affected, but both seemed optimistic and had some words of advice for aspiring stand-ups.

Andy Kind can be found on Instagram:



Alex Boardman can be found on Twitter:

Bethesda and LucasFilm Games have announced a new Indiana Jones game, and fans should rejoice. There’s not much else to go on, for now, so the internet is predictably rife with speculation.

In a tweet, Bethesda said: “It’ll be some time before we have more to reveal, but we’re very excited to share today’s news!”

Will it feature an old and grizzled Indy, or will it show the adventurer in his prime? The possibilities are almost endless. One clue we do have is on Jones’s desk there is a plane ticket to Rome dated 21 October 1937.

The only other…

Cyberpunk is quite possibly the most eagerly anticipated game since Grand Theft Auto 5 back in 2013. Many were looking forward to it as the light at the end of the bleak, dark tunnel that is 2020. Yet, it’s getting quite the battering online from critics and gamers complaining of bugs and glitches galore, some even saying it’s prone to crashing on PS4. As someone who has played it on a PS4, I can tell you the game has generally played quite smoothly. Though it hasn’t crashed (yet), it still has a lot of flaws and much to criticize. …

Norwegian Cruise Line is fearing they may be about to go out of business. Frank Del Rio, CEO of the company, and 25 year veteran of the industry is hopeful for a return to business when the government’s “no-sail” order is lifted but is promising nothing. Similarly, Carnival UK has plans for an August comeback with the launch of eight ships setting sail from 3 US ports, resuming business as usual. However, nothing is guaranteed and cruise companies are in a state of high anxiety and uncertainty.

Some long-time cruise customers say they’re done. Emeritus professor of architecture at UC…

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has claimed there is “enormous evidence” that coronavirus originated in a research lab in Wuhan. This comes after months of consensus that the virus had originated in bats in the Huanan Seafood Market.

The White House isn’t currently accusing the Chinese of releasing and spreading the virus deliberately. However, President Trump said during a virtual town hall on Sunday night with Fox News, the Chinese government “made a horrible mistake. They tried to cover it, they tried to put it out. It’s like a fire.”

In response to the accusations, the editor of the…

For many of us, foreign travel is simply off the cards for the foreseeable future. Those who were planning their summer holidays in Greece or the Italian lakes sipping Mai Thais or tucking into a glass of wine in the hot sun have had to put things on hold indefinitely. Of course, people are anxious to know when life will return to the way it was, and travel enthusiasts the world over are deeply troubled by how expensive air travel is about to become.

But, not all is lost quite yet. Quarantine is going to end, though we don’t know…

Just three months ago, the average citizen was blissfully unaware of a deadly pandemic about to submerge entire economies into utter chaos. They were most likely enjoying stable job security and looking forward to a spate of blockbusters set to hit theatres in the coming months. Not only that, but they were free to wander and picnic in the park with friends, having no clue that such gatherings were soon to be put on hold indefinitely, along with almost everything else they took for granted.

Three short months later, they’ve found themselves forced to spend their days on their sofa…

Like many of you, this past month I have been watching this whole coronavirus catastrophe play out with a sense of disbelief, and am now finally realizing just how susceptible the world is to such a disease. Every day, the news seems to grow more and more dramatic. Of course, one of the wildest bits of information we’ve recently found out is the terrible irony of ironies, the Health Secretary himself has officially tested positive for coronavirus.

Not in my lifetime, nor my parents, nor probably their parents, have we witnessed a public health scare of quite these proportions. A…

A film that somehow managed to stir up controversy before it was even released, with some fearing it may inspire violent crime, Joker certainly delivers on being a though-provoking and at times, disturbing film. But the question is, does it deliver on the hype that has been building for so long and has now reached fever pitch? Or is it merely another attempt by a studio to cash in on a popular character with a dark, bleak tone and R rating that seems to be becoming ever more popular in comic book films these days? …

Bruce Springsteen could have stopped producing music over 20 years ago and would still be considered a living legend. In recent years, he’s finally come to accept his undisputed icon status, with the release of an amazingly candid biography that shed light on the life that produced the music and a Netflix special that blew everyone away. They both showcased Springsteen, older and wiser, with a writing style and stage presence of an elder statesman. Now, we have another long awaited album of original material about the American Dream, only the characters herein share the world weariness of their creator…

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I write mainly about politics, but also to share my thoughts and ideas about books, technology, music and philosophical musings.

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